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          Sell your home faster and for more money with Parker Interiors Home Staging & Design. 

Since 2009, our team of staging experts has been professionally staging spaces that make home buyers fall in love. From an initial staging consultation to designing and installing your staging, we’ll lead the way with expert guidance.

No matter the size or budget, the goal is always the same: sell your home quickly and for more money. Whether you choose to stage it yourself or have one of our master stagers install it for you, you will feel the Parker Interiors Home Staging & Design difference. Schedule a consultation or request a staging estimate with us today to get your property staged and SOLD! 

Complete a Staging Request Form or call us at 240-582-5920 or 1-866-512-7659 to receive a same-day estimate. 


Staging Offerings


Savvy Staging -
Fast & Affordable Staging

Need staging quickly or have a limited staging budget? Our Savvy Staging service is just for you.  Savvy packages are ready-to-go essentials for quick staging installation. Install yourself or have one of our stagers install for you.

Parker Staging1.jpg

Parker Staging -

Standard Staging 

Parker Staging, formerly known as our "Gold" package, is our most popular staging option. These packages offer a robust staging, suitable for most homes and most price points. Parker packages are installed by a Senior Stager.


Wynnwood Staging - Customized Staging 

Wynnwood is our custom staging service for larger homes or any client seeking a customized approach. Wynnwood stagings are installed by a Master Stager.


Other Services


Staging University

Embark on an enlightening journey through our Staging University, brought to you by Parker Interiors. Immerse yourself in our courses that unlock the secrets of professional staging.

Design Heals

Design Heals is the non-profit arm of Parker Interiors.  Since 2017, we have been making a difference by donating furniture to families in need. Be a part of the difference by volunteering or donating to Design Heals.

Wynnwood Home Market

Wynnwood Home Market is our physical store in Hyattsville, MD, where you can find former staging furnishings and decor to give your home a new look and feel. Sometimes all it takes is that one special piece!



Winter Warehouse Sale

Saturday, December 9 
8:00- 3:00p
16021 Industrial Drive, Gaithersburg, MD

Upcycle & Sip at Wynnwood Market

Friday, December 15   
4504 Hamilton St, Hyattsville MD

Shop & Sip at Wynnwood Market

Friday, December 2   
4504 Hamilton St, Hyattsville MD

Home Staging 101 & 102

Every Tuesday & Wednesday   
16021 Industrial Dr, Gaithersburg, MD



Firstly, I want to thank you for the HOME RUN achieved with Brentwood 1.   I mentioned this was the first house completed in almost 3 yrs and its purpose became a come back necessity if I’m to continue renovating houses.  


As always, it was rocky with us being ready for you.  In the end, y’all came through as usual!   According to Tierra, the most favorable comments about this at 5k sq ft house was the staging!  I mean, it wasn’t any of the bells and whistles we call ourselves doing.  Over and over, the positive nod was to your work!   


I thank you again for what you did to help ensure our success.  Not just with the product, but even the understanding of my financial hurdles trying to “come back.”   None of this goes unnoticed.   I'm truly grateful!

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16021 Industrial Dr Suite 1
Gaithersburg MD 20877


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