We understand that preparing your home to sell can be a tedious process. The Parker Staging team is here to help you have a seamless staging to sell experience! See some of our downloadable tools below.

What is Home Staging?


What are the Phases?


Staging for Real Estate Success

Did you know that only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home? Parker Staging helps sellers AND buyers by designing a mood, lifestyle and character for a home! Learn more about how we have achieved this by downloading our Staging for Real Estate Success Booklet.

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Walk & Talk Consultations

We know you're tired of scouring the internet to figure out what to do during the preparation phase.


"What color will I paint my living room?"

"Which light fixtures will I choose for my kitchen?"

"What flooring will I choose for my bathroom?"


These are questions that you DON'T have to answer alone. 

It's time to schedule a Walk & Talk Consultation with one of our Home Staging & Design Experts. Visit www.parkerwalkandtalk.com to learn more!

Check out Parker Staging Founder Tiffany Parker partnering with VIP Client, JP Montalvan and his team in bringing a Palisades home to the market. Through renovation and staging this transitional Victorian home, discover how we prepare it to show its best