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Parker Staging 2021 Victories

What an Amazing Year It's Been! 🎉

All Thanks to You!

2021 has been quite an amazing year! After the huge hit that businesses worldwide took in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to make a decision to come back STRONGER! This year at Parker Staging we have accomplished more than we could ever imagine, and a huge part of this success is YOU! Read more to find out what we accomplished in 2021!

We Staged Over 500 Homes in 2021

Thanks to our loyal clients we were able to stage over 500 homes in 2021 with the capacity to execute up to 10 stagings daily. Staging over $1B in beautiful homes sold throughout DC, Virginia & Maryland!

The Parker Staging Team Has Grown Exponentially

At the beginning of 2021 we had a staff of 3-5 employees. We are proud to say that we are now closing the year with 5X more employees! We have been able to welcome an amazing Sales Assistant, Logistics Lead, Deputy Operations Manager, and Operations Admins. We are always looking to add quality members to our team! For employment opportunities contact the Parker Staging office at 1-866-512-7659 or email

We Have Decreased Furniture Waste Through BackStage Store

Every year, over 8.5 million tons of furniture waste is created in the United States. Parker Staging has thousands of dollars in furniture, art and decor that can no longer be used in stagings. In order to uphold our motto "Designing a Better World", we sell all of our decommissioned furniture at our aftermarket store, BackStage throughout the year. In doing so, we have been able to decrease waste, maintain sustainability and better impact the earth. Visit BackStage Store at 4502 Hamilton St. Hyattsville, Maryland. Follow us on Instagram @BackStageStoreMD or visit for all inventory and schedule updates!

We Have Gained Family

At Parker Staging we have gained more than just a wonderful and loyal clientele. We have gained family and lifelong partnerships that we look forward to nourishing in the next year! All Thanks To You!

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