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A Day in the Life of a Home Stager

Have you ever wondered what the typical day of a home stager looks like? Do you imagine it to be glitz and glam or like an episode of an HGTV show? What if I told you that there is much more to home staging than placing beautiful room decor and capturing aesthetically pleasing photos? Today we're going to take you through a day in the life of one of our stagers. From moment the moving truck is loaded, to the moment a home staging is complete!

Check the Staging Schedule

As a stager at a high-volume firm such as Parker Staging, checking the staging schedule is necessary. There is a possibility that our stagers could be conducting 2-5 stagings in one day! When checking the schedule it is best to look out for what kind of stagings will be conducted. Are there base package stagings, are there edits needed, etc. After checking the staging schedule its time to begin the day!

Bonus task: Grab your coffee and eat a good breakfast, it's going to be a busy day!

Arrive at the Warehouse

When arriving at the Parker Staging warehouse the first thing our stagers do is check with the warehouse designers to see what packages have been assembled for stagings. After everything is good to go, the movers will load each package onto our trucks! When the truck is loaded, it's time to head to the staging location or to the store for any day-of shopping.

Day-of Shopping or Errands

As a stager, you may have to replenish your staging kit materials or make a few store runs before arriving at the staging location. For example, if you are hanging wall decor this is the best time to go to your local home improvement store to replenish hanging nails or the materials to make our DIY hanging tools.

Arrive and Survey the Home

After running errands it's time to arrive at the staging location and survey the home before the movers arrive. This is your chance to take note of each room and document any items that the seller has left behind. Take this time to mentally plan the placement of all of your furniture and decor. This is the moment to further ensure that the package the designer put together will compliment the space.

Conduct the Staging

Let the staging begin! After the movers have arrived it's time to make sure all furniture and decor is in the right place and begin to bring the designer's vision to life and make the seller's dream come true. When complete, take note of any edits needed. This may mean coming back the same day, or completing next-day edits.

Capture the Moment

This is the best part! We always encourage our stagers to celebrate by taking completion photos and sending them to the staging team to celebrate their staging wins!

Are you interested in partnering with Parker Staging to Design a Better World? Contact us today at 1-866-512-7659 or email to learn more about our employment opportunities.


About the Author

Sadé Killette serves as the Marketing Coordinator of Parker Staging. Killette has cultivated her skill and passion for writing through her studies at Bowie State University where she concentrated on Strategic Public Relations. She also furthers her passions through reading, writing and sharing her knowledge and life experiences through her blog, Radiant Reflections.

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