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Benefits of Recycling and Repurposing Furniture

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

“Every design business encounters furniture waste, and Backstage is a solution that serves designers as well as the local Hyattsville community.” -Tiffany Parker, Founder, BackStage & Parker Staging

Every year, over 8.5 million tons of furniture waste is created in the United States. Parker Staging has thousands of dollars in furniture, art and decor that can no longer be used in stagings. In order to uphold our motto"Designing a Better World", we sell all of our decommissioned furniture at our aftermarket store, BackStage throughout the year. In doing so, we have been able to decrease waste, maintain sustainability and better impact the earth.

There are numerous benefits of recycling and repurposing furniture ranging from waste reduction to new life and potential to furniture. Here are some benefits that motivate us to continue a positive impact on our community and the earth.

Waste Reduction

With the rise in fast, affordable furniture, the amount of furniture disposed annually in the United States has more than doubled in 50 years. Recycling and reusing staging furniture, art and decor has allowed us to provide a solution for diverting furniture waste from landfills.

Pollution Prevention

Did you know that only 20 percent of furniture sent to landfills can be recycled or used for energy recovery? At Parker Staging we value the remaining 80 percent. Founding the BackStage store has allowed us to take pollution prevention into our hands, giving furniture and decor another chance to be reused instead of becoming pollutants at local landfills.

New Life & Potential for Old Furniture

Even the highest quality piece of furniture becomes outdated. At BackStage we specialize in giving old furniture new life and potential, which is why we encourage upcycling. Upcycling is the act of taking old, worn items and repurposing them. This is very popular in the DIY community and it benefits the earth and your wallet too! Upcycling is often a more affordable and sustainable approach to decorating your home.

Sustainability will always be a key factor in the Parker Staging process. In 2019, when Tiffany Parker founded the BackStage Store, she envisioned a place where staging furniture, art and decor goes to find its second life. Backstage was birthed on the idea of sustainability and minimal impact to the environment. It ensures that the furniture we no longer use does not go to waste. Revive, Reuse, & Restore is the store motto. This encourages our customers to reuse, limit waste, and inspires creativity. Items sold at the store range from never used to lightly used to needing a little love and affection.

To learn more about the BackStage store and our efforts to maintain sustainability, click here.

“Bargain hunters, DIY decorators and other designers save money at BackStage, while we simultaneously keep thousand of pounds of usable materials out of landfills.”


About the Author

At the forefront of her career, Tiffany Parker had the vision to use her expertise in business strategy and passion for design to create a better world. Parker is the Principal Owner and Founder of Parker Staging & Redesign, a home staging firm committed to using the art of design to transform our community. Parker earned a Bachelor's in Political Science from Howard University, and a Master's degree in Public Administration from Columbia University. She then went on to lead marketing and communications initiatives for Fortune 500 companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Rexahn Pharmaceuticals. She has also served as president of the Board of Directors of Thrive DC, a meal program initiative for homeless women in the DC Metro area...Click to read more
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