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Here's What I Look for During Occupied Consultations

Selling a home while owner occupied can be a challenge for both the homeowner and the real estate agent. As the homeowner, you may be blind to the obstacles your home has in comparison to others. Sometime you're lucky with clutter free clients, who have excellent taste in furniture. But let’s be honest. Most often, we’re not that lucky. Most people, normal families, fully utilize their home. And sometimes that means accumulating loads of “stuff” and/or converting rooms to serve their present living needs such as turning a bedroom into a closet or dressing room, etc

As the real estate agent, you have to both master the art of awkward conversations as well as rely on design or decorating expertise that you may not have to best guide your client in successfully preparing their home for sale. If you are one of the realtors comfortable with providing decluttering, layout and color advice, great for you! There are many others, however, who are not.

In some cases, it’s best to bring in an outside expert to help guide the home preparation process. Here are a few quick tips that I often provide during walk & talk consultations with homeowners:

  1. Declutter first. Identify internal and external spurge options. Pack up collections.

  2. Make sure each room has a purpose.

  3. Repurpose items within the home.

  4. Bring in an outside opinion, preferably an expert.

Tiffany Parker

Founder/CEO of Parker Interiors

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