Home Staging Tricks You Can Apply at Home

We are all spending more time at home and all of that time looking at your rooms can either make you feel really satisfied that you’ve created spaces that are functional, attractive, and personal or it can leave you feeling frustrated, bored or even anxious.

There are many places to look for inspiration. Most of us think of magazines, Pinterest and instagram. However, you can also find inspiration in real estate listings. Looking at pictures of well-staged homes can help you think outside the box and see new ways of addressing some common design dilemmas.

You will notice how each room is designed around a focal point. If a room does not have a natural focal point, the stager will create one through furniture placement and art. Does your room have a natural focal point?

If a room has awkward dimensions or a lot of doorways, how has the stager addressed this in the furniture placement?

Is there a room with no clear function? You will see that stages will give each room a function. This makes the buyer remember the room and also will get them to start thinking about what functional spaces they need. Do you need an office? Hobby room? Home gym? Kids’ playroom? You can get inspiration for how to use your underutilized spaces by looking at how home stagers define these “mystery” rooms.

If you have admired the furniture, art and accessories used by home stagers, you now have access to them! Parker Staging has just opened a retail shop that sells all of the furniture, art and accessories that have been used in some of their most successful stagings. BackStage is an after-market retail store that Parker Staging (and other staging companies in the future) are using to sell items that are no longer in use.

You can buy these items at great discounts and update your home for a modest budget. Some items are nicked and scuffed and make great DIY projects to turn these things into personalized pieces for your home.

BackStage is open EVERY Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-3pm. Cash, Credit, Cashapp, PayPal & Venmo accepted. Located at 4502 Hamilton St, Hyattsville MD. Deliver available and all major credit cards accepted.

Reuse, repurpose and reimagine staging furniture art and decor in your own unique way. BackStage is a DIY heaven! 

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