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Customizing Your Luxury Home Staging: How to Make Your Home Stand Out

Regardless of how much your home is worth and where it lands in the market, home staging is essential. It exudes warmth, style, and function for potential buyers that increases the value while reducing time on the market. Adding that elusive “wow” factor is even

more essential when staging for luxury homes.

The goals of this kind of staging are slightly different, though, so let’s take a closer look at what’s important, why it matters, and what’s involved in successful staging for luxury homes.

Staging for Luxury Homes, Step 1: Know Your Buyer

This is true for any kind of home staging, but it’s especially true in the luxury market. For many prospective buyers, purchasing a luxury home is about fulfilling fantasies, so you need to know the home, the neighborhood, and what potential buyers want in their dream home.

Maybe it’s having the most spectacular home on the block. For some, it’s about buying a huge property. Others want custom landscaping and secondary buildings that create a creative or exotic look.

Whatever that “it” factor is, it’s important to find it. Drilling down is essential, so make sure you invest the time and money to get it right.

Staging for Luxury Homes, Step 2: The Details Are in the Amenities

Do you know that old expression about sweating the details? That applies to staging for luxury homes too, but there are a few twists when it comes to how you apply this aphorism.

With most mid-market or upscale homes, the goal is to create an overall impression that makes the home itself stand out. With staging for luxury homes, though, the amenities often take center stage.

Does the house have a huge home theater? Maybe a gazebo set off by tiered fountains? These luxuries represent a specific kind of opulence, so take the time to match them up with ideal buyers.

Beyond that, some of the usual sales and staging tactics apply, but you’ll need to go the extra mile. Adding fabulous art, special furniture pieces, and unique room arrangements are all part of the package when staging for luxury homes, and you never know which design element is going to make a difference for that one perfect buyer.

Staging for Luxury Homes, Step 3: Add the Exclusivity Factor

Part of the psychology of staging for luxury homes is about exclusivity. Who lives in the neighborhood? Executives and successful entrepreneurs? Artists and entertainers? Maybe elite athletes?

Potential luxury home buyers want to be part of a special “herd,” so make sure you use the design elements of staging for luxury homes to make sure they feel the love on that level.

It’s a key factor in pushing the sale process over the goal line, so make sure you prioritize it when staging for luxury homes. It especially matters when it comes to reducing the time the home is on the market, so don’t rule out any possibilities, regardless of how odd or elitist they may seem.

Use Parker Staging for Staging for Luxury Homes

When it comes to staging for luxury homes, Parker Staging is your experienced, expert resource. Established in 2009, we stage over 600 homes each year, including an expansion of services, inventory and talent dedicated to luxury homes.

To schedule a consultation and get all your questions answered, visit us at You can also call us at 866-512-7659 or 240-532-7366, or use this form to contact us.

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