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Staging Packages

We have three distinct service levels to fully meet our customers’ needs and requirements.  Our three levels of services are designated as Silver, Gold, and Platinum and the furniture contents and process will vary according to your package level.

  • Silver Package—Our Silver package is focused on key rooms and works best in smaller properties such as a condos, apartment, townhome or guest homes.

  • Gold Package—The Gold package will serve those who require a more robust staging project focused on providing a  complete experience for potential buyers.

  • Platinum Package—The Platinum package is a custom designed package specifically for the home.  This package works well for unique spaces, design specific spaces and larger homes. Contact Us to schedule a design consultation for your Platinum Staging Package.

​Package contents for Silver and Gold level stages are below. Additional furniture and décor items can be added to any Silver or Gold package on an a la carte basis, including additional rooms. Pricing for Silver, Gold & Platinum Staging Packages

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